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It is one of the five indigenous regions of Panama, also known as Kuna Yala. Famous for the “Molas”, that mean dress in the Kuna language, and described as hand sewn artistic textiles forming colorful designs that can be traditional geometric shapes or ordinary life representations. Untouched roots and traditions and an archipelago of approximately 365 islands are some of the characteristics of San Blas. It is precisely these islands that have attracted thousands of tourists that are fascinated by the charms and beauty of nature and the Kuna culture, who know really well how to greet visitors.
Hotels are built according to their norms, always conserving balance between nature and man.  The zone produces plenty of coconut and fish that is one of the dishes the Kunas are experts in cooking.  As a matter of fact, the Kunas are excellent cooks and a great number of them work in the best restaurants of Panama City.
We would live to take you to this paradise.  We offer beautiful and interesting hotels with the magic of the Kuna culture.
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