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This province has the two oceans in its coasts. Also known as the land of “Indio Urracá”, an Indian leader who revolted against the Spaniards. It hosts part of the Ngöbe-Buglé indigenous region. Traditionally in Veraguas is celebrated the procession of the Atalaya Christ that attracts thousands of visitors. Beautiful mountains and beaches can be found in this province, popular as well for cattle raising, grain production and sugar mills.
A diamond lies within its Pacific coasts……Isla Coiba (Coiba Island) that served for many years as a prison and has been protected and preserved for a long time.  It has the largest coral bank of the Republic of Panama; the marine fauna in this region is abundant in species. Whale watching is also very interesting.
Visit this province and discover its marvels.  It will be a pleasure to assess you so that your vacation, business or adventure is gratifying.

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